School & Library programs


School & library programs

Standard Talk and Q&A

40-60 minutes, for groups of any size

This talk focuses on how to find your path (and why it’s okay if you don’t know what that path is yet), why mistakes aren’t always bad, and when it’s okay to let your flaws shape your character. Lizzy Mason discusses her path to becoming an author, including: going to rehab for drug and alcohol abuse at sixteen, barely getting into college and graduating with honors, giving up on writing while in a destructive relationship, and, finally, finding the story that she needed to share with teens who may be struggling like she did.


Writing workshop

40-60 minutes, for smaller groups (15-30)

Where do ideas come from? Often from experience. In this workshop, Lizzy Mason will show how to take inspiration from your own life to use in your writing. She’ll also teach the basics of writing authentic dialogue and character description, as well as choosing the right point of view for your story.

Publishing Seminar

40-60 minutes, for groups of any size

How does an idea become a book? There are a lot of steps between starting a novel and seeing it for sale in a bookstore. In this seminar, publishing veteran and author Lizzy Mason will explain how to get started writing a novel, where to seek out critique partners and beta readers, how to query literary agents, and what happens when the book is finally being published (note: not self-published), including how to find readers.

Virtual visits

Skype Visit

30-45 minutes, for smaller groups (15-30)

Any of the programs above can be adapted for a virtual visit via Skype.

resources to download

Reader’s Guide

Featuring discussion questions, an interview with Lizzy Mason, and creative prompts